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A Cold Selfie Taken at Tilicho Tal

I came across an ancient photograph the other day. It was from the mid-80s and depicted a tug of war at Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Church Crookham, then home to the Gurkhas and barely a mile from where I grew up. Pulling on the rope was my Dad, a little boy (me) and a Gurkha in a red tracksuit. I could never have imagined then that I would serve as an officer in the Royal Gurkha Rifles, commanding Gurkha soldiers in Afghanistan, in Brunei, in Kenya, Malawi, Australia and, let’s not forget it, Folkestone. Nor could I have imagined the opportunities that would come to live, work and travel in Nepal and the effect it would have on me. Anyway, all of those things came to pass and I share a little of them here in this blog (scroll through to my first blog for more about the author).

Since leaving the Army in 2011 I have studied an MSc in Environmental Technology. I have also worked in Nepal in the field of sustainable development, chiefly micro-hydro and drinking water projects in rural Nepal. I am hoping I will again find my way back to there to work in this field, potentially to help realise Nepal’s capacity for using solar for clean energy.

I have also studied photography via the Open University and have worked in this capacity for various charities and trusts, among which The Gurkha Welfare Trust, Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust and Freedom Matters.

Developing as a writer and photographer is a constant work in progress. I hope that the words, images and stories shared in this blog are all of a quality to be enjoyed and perhaps even to inspire.

Lastly, feedback is the oxygen which writers and photographers breathe – so please don’t be shy to get in touch. You can leave a comment on the blog page itself or reach me directly.

Enjoy it.


markwbrightwell@hotmail.com / 07846 861 102



3 Responses to About the Author

  1. Marc says:

    nice post… see you soon

  2. Dawn an Russell from Kinloch Hourn Supper says:

    Hi Mark

    Happy Christmas! We hope your Scottish trip went well. Do you by any chance have a blog about your Scottish trek? If you have, we would love to read it if you could let us know how to find it.

    Good luck with the mountain leader’s course.

    Dawn and Russell

    • Hi folks,

      Good to hear from you and glad you found my blog.

      I was excited to see some of the images I have come back with from this Scotland trip and intend to do some writing on it too. If you press the ‘follow’ tab at top left of my blog homepage you will get a notification of when I post. It won’t be until the New Year as festivities are taking over! 🙂

      Anyway, great meeting you both.

      Season’s greetings!


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